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Heating device for rolling bearings

An induction heating device for the installation of rolling bearings is the safe and environmentally friendly solution for heating rolling bearings in a controlled and clean manner. Ovens, heating plates, oil baths or gas burners are not ideal for heating rolling bearings.

  1. Electromagnetic induction: The heating device generates a strong electromagnetic field that penetrates the metal of the rolling bearing and generates heat by causing the molecules inside the bearing to vibrate.
  2. Precise temperature control: Modern induction heaters have advanced control systems with a temperature sensor to ensure that the desired temperature is not exceeded. This allows the bearing to be heated in a controlled, stress-free manner and prevents unnecessary damage. At the same time, the original bearing lubrication can be retained. E.g. 2Zor 2RSbearings
  3. Speed and efficiency: Induction heating is fast and efficient, which speeds up the installation of the bearing and minimizes machine downtimes.
  4. Safety: Induction heating appliances are usually equipped with various safety features to ensure safe handling, including overheating protection and shutdown in the event of malfunctions.
  5. Non-contact process: Unlike traditional methods such as heating in an oven or with an open flame, the induction process does not touch the bearing directly, which reduces the risk of damage caused by heat.
  6. Versatility: Induction heating devices are generally versatile and can heat a wide range of rolling bearings of different sizes and shapes.

Induction heating devices have proven to be extremely useful in facilitating the installation of rolling bearings and are widely used in many industrial applications, including the manufacture of machinery, vehicles and other technical equipment.

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