single row taper roller bearing

Tapered roller bearing

The design of tapered roller bearings is based on the principle of guiding tapered rollers through a guide rib located on the inner ring. One advantage of this type of bearing is that it is capable of supporting high load forces in one direction both radially and axially. Tapered roller bearings are usually installed in pairs, making them comparable to single-row angular contact ball bearings. To adjust the bearing clearance, the axial distance between the opposing inner and outer rings is set. Tapered roller bearings can be dismantled; it is possible to mount the inner and outer rings independently of each other. Rolling bearings of this type can be divided into three groups based on the contact angle: Normal angle, medium angle and steep angle bearings. In addition, double-row and four-row tapered roller bearings are available. The cages are mainly made of sheet steel. However, plastics such as polyamide, PEEK with and without glass fibre reinforcement can also be used.

NSK tapered roller bearings - quality with measurable added value!

NSK's tapered roller bearings, with optimized internal designs, can significantly extend the life of machinery and equipment by offering much higher load ratings compared to conventional tapered roller bearings. Thanks to NSK's materials technology, metric and imperial tapered roller bearings can be manufactured in a variety of materials to suit a wide range of applications.

Operating conditions:

  • High loads
  • High speeds
  • Lubrication

NSK tapered roller bearings are used in the following industries:

  • Paper industry
  • Power generation
  • Industrial gear units
  • Mining

Tapered roller bearing Product features:

  • Available in metric and imperial dimensions
  • Patented NSK HR tapered roller bearings with increased load capacity
  • Optimized NSK cage design for large-sized tapered roller bearings used in planet carriers
  • Sheet steel cage
  • Special cages for inner diameters larger than 1000 mm and outer diameters up to 2500 mm

Product advantages of tapered roller bearings:

  • Good radial load and axial loads in one direction
  • Axial loads in both directions with paired arrangement
  • A low bearing clearance can be achieved during operation by adjusting during assembly
  • Higher permissible limit speeds thanks to improved surface finish

The NSK rolling bearing main catalog is your comprehensive source of information for high-quality tapered roller bearings and other high-precision rolling bearings. Rely on NSK for performance and quality that pays off in every application.

NSK Rolling Bearings Main Catalogue

NSK Rolling Bearing Main Catalog

FUD SPECIFIC tapered roller bearings - rolling bearings for your special requirements

Example requirements from our customers for
FUD SPECIFIC tapered roller bearings:

- optimized career profiling
- optimized heat treatment
- defined rim geometry
- reduced Hertzian pressure
- increased surface quality
- high purity materials
- extended bearing life/ service life
- reduced maintenance costs/downtime
- higher load capacity
- wider line contact
- cages closed on both sides and guided by rollers
- Sheet steel cages
- Cages made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66
- Cages made of glass fiber reinforced peek

FUD specific tapered roller bearing

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