deep groove ball bearing

Deep groove ball bearing

Single-row deep groove ball bearings are very widespread and are the most commonly used type of rolling bearing. The running grooves located in the inner and outer rings have a circular arc shape, their radius is slightly larger than that of the balls. In addition to radial loads, axial loads are also possible in both directions. Due to the low frictional torque, deep groove ball bearings are particularly advantageous in areas of application that require high speeds in conjunction with the lowest possible frictional losses. In addition to the open bearing type, greased bearings with cover discs made of sheet steel or sealing discs made of rubber (on one or both sides) are often used. Sometimes retaining rings are used on the outer ring. Cages made of sheet steel are the most frequently used.

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of deep groove ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearings are the most commonly used type of rolling bearing and are used in various areas, especially in situations where high speeds and minimal friction losses are important. NSK deep groove ball bearings are able to support not only radial forces but also axial forces in both directions. They are easy to install and can be used in a variety of configurations.

NSK deep groove ball bearings guarantee outstanding performance, quiet operation and maintenance-free use over many years thanks to a consistent focus on quality standards for both raw materials and processing. Each semi-finished product is measured several times using automatic measuring equipment, and each assembled bearing undergoes various tests to ensure the highest product quality.

NSK also offers deep groove ball bearings with ceramic balls in the form of hybrid bearings. These hybrid bearings with ceramic balls have been specially developed for applications where high electrical insulation and/or high speed suitability are required.

The robust design in combination with the material combination of steel and ceramic makes these bearings suitable for numerous applications. The service life is extended as electrocorrosion and damage caused by micro-welding are avoided.

Product features:

  • Complete electrical insulation
  • Reduced friction
  • Lower centrifugal forces of the balls
  • Extended life

Operating conditions:

  • Rough operating conditions
  • Corrosive environment

These properties and advantages make NSK deep groove ball bearings a first-class choice for demanding applications.

Looking for a low cost alternative?
Check our FUD specific deep groove ball bearings

NSK deep groove ball bearing

NSK Waelz Bearing General Catalogue

Hybrid bearing with ceramic balls

FUD neutral deep groove ball bearings -
The price / performance winner

The latest generation of FUD neutral deep groove ball bearings has been significantly enhanced in terms of running accuracy, noise and vibration behavior, sealing system and internal design:

- reduced friction and noise generation with axial forces and skewed running
- Avoidance of stress peaks during axial forces and skewing
- significantly improved efficiency

Other features:
- 100% noise tested
- RoHS compliant on request
- Traceability through production code
- neutrally branded
- Extensive quality control through in-house quality assurance

Features of FUD neutral Made in EU:
- standard, produced according to tolerance class P6 - declared on request.
European origin

FUD neutral Made in EU

FUD neutral

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