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RHP Self-Lube housing bearing / plummer block housing

The RHP Self-Lube ®, Silver-Lube ® and Life-Lube ® units consist of a dual system of two elementary components, namely the insert and the housing.

Each of these units consists of a carefully shielded, single ball bearing, which has a slightly domed outer diameter and an elongated inner ring that fits precisely into a housing, be it a plummer block housing or a flanged bearing housing. The ball bearing provides the ability to compensate for initial misalignment.

This product is available with a choice of close fit shaft mount fixings. Thanks to this feature and by combining it with our extensive range of seals for all environments, our units are very versatile.

Fröhlich & Dörken stocks many of these series. We will be happy to convert your bearing units. The manufacturers often have different designations, such as PASE/RASE (INA plummer block housing) or UCP (NTN plummer block housing), etc.

Plummer block units, radial insert ball bearing housings and much more directly from the specialist.

RHP Self-Lube plummer block housings - an investment in quality that pays off!

Special product features and benefits:

  • A two-part, expertly riveted metal cage made of high-strength steel or stainless steel.
  • The convex fit makes it possible to correct any initial misalignment that may occur during installation.
  • Equipped with relubrication device as standard. For those who opt for the Molded Oil options, there is no need for relubrication.
  • Precision-manufactured raceways that ensure quiet and efficient operation.
  • Rolling bearing protection and additional safety are provided by protectors. These are available in steel for Self-Lube® units and in plastic for Silver-Lube® units.
  • Inner and outer rings are made of hardened, high-quality steel.
  • The high-quality housings are available in a sturdy, one-piece cast iron construction. Alternatively, housings made of high-quality thermoplastic or cast stainless steel are also available.
  • The proven single-lip seal is available as standard, but triple-lip seals and centrifugal discs are also available.
  • Additional options are grub screws with knurled annular cutting edge, eccentric ring and tapered sleeves.
  • HLT inserts are available for reliable operation in extreme temperatures.
  • Our product range includes RHP Self-Lube®, Silver-Lube®, Life-Lube® and Molded-Oil units, to name but a few.

Below are a few examples of recoding:

PASE ... = NP ... EC
PCJT .. = SFT ... EC
PCJ .. = SF .. EC
PCJTY ... = SFT .. A
PME .. = FC .. EC
PMEY .. = FC .. A
PSHE .. = SNP .. EC
PCJY ... = SF .. A
PTUE .. = ST .. EC
RASE .. = NP ... DEC
RASEY .. = NP ...
RATY ... = SLFL .. A
RCJ .. = SF .. DEC
RCJY ... = SF ...
RCJT .. = SFT ... DEC
RCJTY ... = SFT ...
RHEY ... = SCH ...
RME .. = FC .. DEC
RMEY .. = FC ..
RSHEY ... = SNP ...
RTUE .. = ST ... DEC
RTUEY .. = ST ...

Housing bearings, plummer block housings, plummer block units, radial insert ball bearing housings directly from the specialist.

See for yourself and contact us for a no-obligation consultation on all aspects of rolling bearings and housing bearings.

RHP Self-Lube housing bearing

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