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Thin-section bearings

Thin section bearings are deep groove ball bearings. The type designations vary according to the manufacturer (e.g. 61800 for SKF and FAG = 6800 for NSK or 61900 for SKF and FAG = 6900 for NSK). The difference to a normal deep groove ball bearing is the ratio of the inner diameter to the outer diameter. The outer diameter is very small in relation to the inner diameter. In addition, the narrow design is ideal for installation where there is little space in the housing but a relatively large shaft must still be used. Due to the "light" design, thin groove bearings are also well suited for high speeds. Fröhlich & Dörken offers thin-section bearings in a wide variety of makes.

As an authorized NSK dealer, we offer you high-quality deep groove ball bearings, including a wide selection of thin section bearings, which play an important role in many applications.

Why thin section bearings?

Thin-section bearings have been specially developed for applications where special requirements are placed on space and weight savings. These bearings are particularly slim and light compared to conventional bearings. They offer the same performance as conventional bearings, but with a significantly more compact design.

Versatile applications

Our thin-section bearings are used in numerous areas of application. From precision instruments to robotics and medical technology - thin-section bearings are the ideal solution wherever minimum weight and space requirements are important.

Outstanding quality

The thin-section bearings we offer meet the highest quality standards. They are designed to absorb both radial and axial forces while ensuring smooth and quiet operation.

Our support

As an authorized NSK dealer, we are happy to assist you in finding the right thin section bearing for your specific application. We have the necessary expertise and experience to support you in selecting the right bearing.

If you would like to find out more about our thin section bearings and their applications or if you have any questions, we are the right people to contact. We will be happy to help you find the optimum solution for your requirements.

See for yourself and contact us for a no-obligation consultation on all aspects of rolling bearings and thin-section bearings.

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