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Angular contact ball bearing, sealed

Angular contact ball bearings are also available with sealing or cover washers.

Angular contact ball bearings are able to support radial and axial loads in one direction. The four contact angles most commonly used are 15°, 25°, 30°and 40°. Other contact angles are also possible for special applications. The following applies: the larger the contact angle, the higher the possible axial load capacity. When operating at high speed, smaller contact angles are generally more advantageous. As a rule, pairs are formed from two bearings whose clearance must be adjusted accordingly. Sheet steel and plastic cages are used as standard in angular contact ball bearings, but cages made of hard fabric or plastic are often used for high-precision bearings (contact angle below 30°). Double-row angular contact ball bearings consist of two single-row radial and angular contact ball bearings in an O arrangement, which have a single-piece inner and outer ring. Angular contact ball bearings of this type are capable of supporting axial loads in both directions. Angular contact ball bearings can also be provided with sealing or cover discs.

NSK angular contact ball bearings - quality that pays off!

NSK's angular contact ball bearings are optimally protected against contamination thanks to their effective sealing, which ensures an optimum service life.

Operating conditions:

  • Applications in environments with contamination
  • Requires high accuracy
  • In use at high speeds

Areas of application:

  • Ceramics industry
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical production
  • Machine tools
  • Rubber and plastics processing
  • Textile and leather industry

Product features:

  • Non-contact seals provide outstanding protection against the ingress of contaminants, reduce wear on raceways and ball surfaces, minimize noise and reduce the risk of lubricant failure.
  • The use of sealed bearings increases the grease service life by an impressive 50%.
  • These bearings can easily replace open angular contact ball bearings.

NSK angular contact ball bearings Product advantages:

  • Faster bearing assembly accelerated by up to four times.
  • The use of non-contact seals does not require a reduction in speed.
  • Sealed bearings prevent grease from escaping from vertically mounted spindles, ensure stable temperature conditions and lead to greater machining accuracy.

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NSK angular contact ball bearing

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