Self-aligning ball bearing 2

Self-aligning ball bearing

The design of self-aligning ball bearings is based on the fact that the inner ring has two raceways, while the outer ring has a hollow raceway. The centre of this raceway is located on the bearing axis. This design allows the inner ring, the balls as well as the cage to pivot in a certain range around the bearing centre. This design makes it possible to compensate for misalignments of the shaft or housing, as can occur due to errors during installation or due to shaft deflection. Self-aligning ball bearings are often provided with a tapered bore to enable installation with an adapter sleeve.

NSK self-aligning ball bearings - Maximum quality for sustainable performance!

When it comes to demanding applications, NSK self-aligning ball bearings are the smart choice. These bearings are particularly recommended when the alignment of the shaft and housing is challenging and the shaft may deflect.

The outstanding feature of these bearings is the outer ring with a hollow spherical raceway whose center of curvature is precisely aligned with that of the rolling bearing. This design enables angle-adjustable alignment, ideal for compensating for angular errors. You can choose between cages made of high-quality sheet steel or polyamide.

Although the axial load carrying capacity may appear low due to the small contact angle, the permissible dynamic misalignment under normal loads is around 0.07 to 0.12 radians(4 to 7 degrees). These bearings impress with their ability to compensate for dynamic misalignments of up to 7 degrees.

Here are some outstanding product features and benefits:

  • High-quality steel: Our self-aligning ball bearings are made of extremely pure steel, which extends the service life of the bearings by up to 80%.
  • Advanced lubrication technology: NSK lubricants ensure a longer lubricant service life and offer higher performance.
  • High-quality rolling elements: Enjoy quiet and smooth running, even at high speeds.
  • Finely machined raceways: Specially honed raceways minimize noise, improve lubricant distribution and extend operating life.
  • Versatile options: Our self-aligning ball bearings are available both in an open design and with sealing washers.

Invest in NSK self-aligning ball bearings - quality that not only pays off, but also shines through reliability and top performance!

See for yourself and contact us for a no-obligation consultation on all aspects of rolling bearings and self-aligning ball bearings.

NSK Rolling Bearings Main Catalogue

NSK Rolling Bearing Main Catalog

NSK self-aligning ball bearing

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