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Curved rollers

Cam followers are used in applications where curved movements occur. The design guarantees stability and can withstand very high loads. The design is that of a cylindrical roller bearing but without a cage and is suitable for very high speeds.

Cam followers have an outer ring with a special lateral surface geometry. This allows axial loads resulting from skewing and small misalignments to be compensated. Fröhlich & Dörken offers cam followers in various makes.

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What are cam followers and where do I use them?

Cam followers: Precise guidance in demanding environments

Cam followers are indispensable components in applications that require precise guidance in demanding environments. These special bearings offer a unique combination of functionality and robustness and are of crucial importance in many industries.

  1. Precise guidance: Cam followers are designed to enable precise movements on curved tracks or rails. They provide reliable guidance for roller conveyors, conveyor systems, cam gears and other systems that need to move in curved mechanisms.
  1. Robust construction: These bearings are designed for use in demanding environments. They are resistant to vibrations, shocks and heavy loads while maintaining their precision.
  1. Versatility: Cam followers are available in various designs, including V-shaped, U-shaped, with cylindrical, crowned or logarithmic lateral surfaces. This enables adaptation to a wide range of requirements and applications.
  1. Wide range of applications: Cam followers are used in areas such as material handling, logistics, the automotive industry and many others. They play a crucial role in the movement of goods and materials in production processes.
  1. Low maintenance: Thanks to their robust design, cam rollers require minimal maintenance. This results in lower operating costs and higher operating efficiency.

If you are looking for bearing solutions that offer precise guidance in demanding environments and are robust and versatile at the same time, cam followers are the perfect choice.

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