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NSK track rollers correspond in design to a 2-rowsealed angular contact ball bearing. They can support radial and axial loads. The outer ring is shaped in such a way that it can roll on a mating roller or a curve / plane. To compensate for the misalignment, the outer ring is also available in a crowned design. In addition to the NSK design, Fröhlich & Dörken also offers special designs according to customer specifications.

NSK castors - quality that pays off!

Our track rollers are similar in design to 2-rowangular contact ball bearings, but with a special reinforcement of the outer ring in order to fulfill their function as track rollers.

Application conditions:

  • Dirty environments
  • Required lubrication

The castors are used in the following industries, among others:

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive industry

Castors Product features:

  • Cover discs ZR: sheet steel discs
  • RSR sealing washers: Nitrile rubber reinforced with a vulcanized steel washer
  • Possibility of relubrication in the inner ring
  • Choice of cylindrical or spherical outer ring

NSK castors offer the following product advantages:

  • Contact seals provide excellent protection against contamination, reduce wear on raceways and ball surfaces, reduce noise and vibrations and minimize the risk of lubricant failure.
  • Absorption of radial and axial forces in both directions
  • Option to transfer tilting moments

Special bearing variants are available on request and can be customized in terms of outer and inner ring diameter, width, thread and contour, be it crowned or gothic.

Rely on the NSK rolling bearing main catalog as your comprehensive source of information for high-quality track rollers and other high-precision rolling bearings. NSK stands for quality and performance that pays off in every application.

Other bearing variants available on request:
Outer and inner ring: diameter, width, thread etc.
Contour selection: crowned, gothic etc.

See for yourself and contact us for a no-obligation consultation on all aspects of roller bearings and track rollers.

NSK Rolling Bearings Main Catalogue

NSK Rolling Bearing Main Catalog

NSK castors

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