Social commitment

"We place great emphasis on this!

Because social commitment is very important to us, it has become an important part of our company. Let us do good together.

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fud social commitment

Social commitment

Social commitment is very important to Fröhlich & Dörken and is therefore also part of the training.
Our trainees take part in several projects during their training.

One project is a sailing trip with the Hope Fleet of Sunshine4Kids e.V.

A second project may be chosen and planned by the students themselves.

Our Family Day has also become an integral part of our annual planning.


Donation Happy Bearing

Ko Profil e.V.

As in 2021, we again supported the youth welfare association Ko Profil e.V. this year. We were very happy that our last donation could be used for an excursion to the Movie Park with all young people and supervisors and that everyone had a great time together!

We hope to be able to provide for shining eyes again this year and would also like to support the care team personally in activities with the young people.

Flyer about the association Ko Profile

KO Profile

Christmas Wish Tree 2021 & more....

For many people, the year 2021 also means doing without. That's why this year we want to help put a smile on the faces of socially disadvantaged children at our Sprockhövel location.

We support the local Christmas Wish Tree campaign of the Sprockhövel Volunteer Exchange. This organises gifts from local shops for the children from the donations.

In addition, the Sprockhövel association Ko Profil e.V. receives a contribution. The association would like to be a reliable contact for the children and young people and their parents. Our donation is to be used for day trips, e.g. to an amusement park. These concepts have convinced us so much that we are very happy to participate.

The Happy Bearing team and the children are happy to share with you great surprises that come from the heart and go to the heart.

Flyer about the association Ko Profile


Do you ride a bike? Then you should know about this action!

Fröhlich & Dörken GmbH supports the campaign with a donation to the town of Sprockhövel.
Find out more here:


With our "greenb@ring®" programme, we combine three goals:

1. growth
2. nature
3. hope

For us, this is what the colour "green" stands for.
With city cycling, we want to make a contribution to environmental protection.

Cycle with us for a good climate!

Donation Happy Bearing
Donation Happy Bearing
Donation Happy Bearing

A campaign to support the Emmaus Hospice in Gevelsberg

As 2020 is a challenging year for everyone, we have decided to make children's eyes light up this year.

The ecumenical hospice Emmaus in Gevelsberg has an outpatient children's and youth hospice service that accompanies both sick children and healthy siblings and offers grief processing in children's and youth bereavement groups after a loss. On the "wish list" are materials intended for use in the groups.

This concept has convinced us so much that we are very happy to participate.

The Happy Bearing Team and the children are happy to share with you great surprises that come from the heart and go to the heart.

For more information, please see the documents below.

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fud hope fleet sunshine 4 kids

Hope Fleet

Gaby Schäfer wants to make sad children's hearts beat faster again - with her association Sunshine4Kids e.V. One of the most important campaigns of the year is her fleet of hope.

A one-week sailing trip that gives the children the chance to get their big worries off their chest. Because all the children on board have experienced severe blows of fate at an early age.
The crew of social pedagogues, doctors, psychologists, skippers, ship owners and of course our trainees take care of the children and young people with heart and mind.

The free offer is aimed at children who have been diagnosed with cancer, have lost one or both parents, have a terminally ill sibling and foster children.

On 10 June 2015, the project was honoured by Angela Merkel at the Federal Chancellery.

We are very excited to be there with two trainees! We will keep you updated with photos, videos and reports on our Facebook page during the sailing tour.

fud social engagement gabi.scheafer
fud social engagement gabi.scheafer
fud social engagement gabi.scheafer
fud hans gruenewald house
fud hans gruenewald house
fud hans gruenewald house

Hans Günewald House

"Ringing in the Christmas season"is this year's motto from the company Fröhlich & Dörken GmbH based in Sprockhövel. The Christmas project is prepared and carried out solely by the trainees, also called "Azulite". The key point is that the company wants to be socially involved in the region.


A simple concept with such a big impact.
Taking time. A pastime. Getting time. These are all familiar terms and statements that everyone knows. And yet this small, tiny word causes us all such distress. Because the meaning behind "taking time" is to want to devote oneself exclusively to the thing itself.

The "Azulite" from Fröhlich & Dörken GmbH chose this term as the cornerstone for their project this year. As you can see from the title "Ringing in the Christmas season", the time to spend time together is the Advent season. The Azulites chose the elderly residents of the Hans-Grünewald-Haus in Gevelsberg.

Like the candles on the Advent wreath, the project is divided into 4 meetings with different self-prepared activities. The first meeting consists of a contemplative coffee break, for which the "Azulites" bring home-baked biscuits. The cosy get-together, the reading of stories and poems, the playing of board games and the singing of Christmas carols together should make the room resound.

At the second meeting, the "Azulite" present a Christmas quiz of their own design in the typical form of a crossword puzzle, and the joint attempt at this puzzle becomes an amusing pastime. Stories are read aloud again and songs are sung together. An important part of the pre-Christmas season is baking biscuits together and adding a personal touch in the form of decorations. In addition, the smell of home-baked biscuits releases a warmth in the heart and anticipation grows.

The "Azulites" want to build on this feeling in the third meeting. The kitchen will be filled with biscuit moulds and chocolate coating and many other materials. Strictly according to the title of the well-known Christmas carol "In der Weihnachtsbäckerei" (In the Christmas bakery).

The fourth and thus unfortunately also the last meeting overlaps with the Christmas party of the Hans-Grünewald-Haus. As a result, several colleagues from the company Fröhlich & Dörken GmbH will join all the residents who are able to attend the Christmas party to sing Christmas carols in the hall.

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