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Four-point bearing

Flexible solutions for a wide range of requirements!

Four-point contact ball bearings are characterized by their separability, as the inner ring consists of two partial rings. They are able to support axial loads in both directions as the balls have a contact angle of 35°with each ring. Such a bearing can easily replace a pair of angular contact ball bearings in an X or O arrangement. Solid brass cages are generally used.

These versatile bearings are available in the FUD, NSK, FAG and SLF brands and offer solutions for a wide range of applications.

NSK four-point contact bearings - quality that pays off!

Our range of four-point bearings has been specially developed to meet the demanding requirements of oil-free screw compressors. These bearings are characterized by a robust, outer ring guided solid brass cage and offer the highest accuracy, resulting in impressive limiting speeds. The 35° contact angleof these bearings ensures a long service life with minimal maintenance requirements and costs.

Operating conditions:

  • High accuracy requirements
  • High loads
  • High speeds
  • Operation at elevated temperatures

Areas of application:

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Industrial pumps and compressors
  • Petrochemical industry

Product features:

  • Optimized interior design
  • High axial load ratings thanks to the 35° pressure angle
  • Reaching higher limit speeds
  • Modern, external ring-guided brass cage
  • High dimensional and concentricity accuracies (P6)
  • Low axial clearance tolerances

NSK four-point bearing Product advantages:

  • Long service life
  • High speeds
  • Reduced temperature, vibration and noise development

NSK four point contact bearings are the reliable choice for applications where maximum performance and durability are required. See for yourself and contact us for a no-obligation consultation on the subject of four-point bearings and rolling bearings.

NSK Rolling Bearings Main Catalogue

NSK Rolling Bearing Main Catalog

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