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High precision bearing

High-precision bearings or precision bearings of the highest accuracy have been specially designed for demanding applications in which particularly high demands are placed on running accuracy and rigidity at high speeds. Our manufacturing expertise, advanced machine equipment and consistent adherence to strict quality controls in all production phases guarantee a high degree of precision. Here too, there are different versions depending on the application, e.g. with ceramic balls for even higher speeds. We would be happy to help you with your selection, please contact us.

High-precision bearings from NSK - quality that pays off!

NSK offers a wide range of products for the machine tool industry, characterized by optimized internal designs and carefully selected materials. This includes a Robust series with high speed bearings.

Special features and advantages of our rolling bearings:

  • Outstanding speed characteristics
  • Minimal friction and heat generation
  • Impressive rigidity
  • The internal design was optimized by analyzing sliding conditions in the bearing using computer simulation.
  • A long service life is guaranteed thanks to high-quality materials such as high-purity steel and the patented, extremely resistant SHX steel from NSK.
  • Highest precision - bearings with P2 accuracy classes and rolling elements made of steel or ceramic are available.
  • Low noise development - Our high-precision bearings are equipped with the Spinshot II lubrication system, which ensures particularly quiet operation.
  • We offer a wide range of cage materials for high-speed applications, such as brass, hard fabric and high-strength fiber-reinforced polymers such as polyamide or PEEK.
  • Optional seals are available that comply with ISO dimensions.

Sealed versions, which are already greased, ensure long-lasting and improved lubrication, reduce susceptibility to contamination and thus save the end user time.

Our product range includes high-precision angular contact ball bearings, axial angular contact ball bearings and precision deep groove ball bearings.

Discover the world of NSK high-precision bearings for machine tools and rely on our decades of experience in the industry.

High-precision angular contact ball bearings from NSK - When precision is required!

Rely on NSK high-precision bearings for outstanding performance and quality in the machine tool industry.

Our product selection includes, among others: High precision angular contact ball bearings, axial angular contact ball bearings, precision deep groove ball bearings.

See for yourself and contact us for a no-obligation consultation on all aspects of rolling bearings and high-precision bearings.

NSK high precision bearings for machine tools

NSK high precision angular contact ball bearing

NSK super precision bearings

FUD/ZYS spindle bearings - When it has to be good and cheap!

FUD/ZYS spindle bearings offer running accuracy that guarantees optimum production results. The uncompromising quality control during manufacture ensures that specified tolerances are reliably maintained when FUD/ZYS spindle bearings are used in machine tools.

The precision spindle bearings prevent vibrations on the tool spindle and thus also consequential costs, such as machine damage, production downtime, expensive technician call-outs, etc.

FUD spindle bearings can be produced as hybrid bearings according to your requirements, e.g. with ceramic balls or peek cage in accuracy classesP2, PA4 / P4S, P5.

We manufacture spindle bearings in the following sizes:

71800 to 71834
71900 to 71956
7000 to 7048
7200 to 7244

  • with pressure angles of 15°and 25°(C or E)
  • Single or paired to sets of 2, 3and 4
  • in X, O or tandem arrangement
  • in light, medium or high preload

FUD spindle bearing catalogue

FUD spindle bearing, sealed

FUD Quality Brochure

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