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While the inner ring of a rolling bearing is mounted on a shaft, the outer ring also requires a fixing or mounting. This can be an interference fit in a component or a bearing housing. Bearing housings are available in various designs, materials and versions. If the shaft of plummer block housings is not to be movable in the axial direction, a "locating bearing" is required. In order to prevent axial displacement of the bearing in the locating bearing housing, a locating ring is used on each bearing side, which means that axial displacement is no longer possible.

Temperature fluctuations can cause the shaft to change length in the axial direction. If both bearings were mounted as fixed bearings, this would lead to excessive load on the bearing set and thus reduce the service life. Therefore, one of the bearings should be movable in the axial direction and is referred to as a "floating bearing". Fixed rings should not be fitted to this type of bearing housing. Without locating rings and with the bearing seat tolerance H7, the bearing can be moved axially if necessary.

Manufacturers use different designations for bearing housings, such as SNH / SNL (SKF), SNV (FAG) etc. We are happy to support you in converting your housing bearings.


NSK high-performance bearing housings - quality that pays off!

NSK's SNN range of high performance bearing housings are highly rigid and easy to handle. They can be used with NSK's high performance spherical roller bearings, which are extremely resilient and feature low temperature rise and high strength cages.

NSK also manufactures numerous mountable bearing units. The product range includes bearings from the Self-Lube series, our recognised standard series, as well as bearings from the Silver-Lube, Life-Lube and Molded-Oil product series, which have recently been introduced to the market. Each type consists of two basic components, the insert and the housing.

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