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Spherical roller bearing

Spherical roller bearings have barrel-shaped rollers that serve as rolling elements. The inner ring is provided with two raceways, while the outer ring has a hollow spherical raceway. The centre of the raceway of the outer ring is on the bearing axis. This ensures that the spherical roller bearings, comparable to a self-aligning ball bearing, align themselves automatically. In the event of a deformation of the shaft, the housing or a misalignment of the axles, compensation takes place, which ensures that no further undesirable forces act on the bearing. Spherical roller bearings are able to support large radial loads as well as axial loads in both directions. The ability to support radial loads is excellent and the bearings can be used for heavy loads and shock loads. Spherical roller bearings can also be provided with tapered bores. Bearings of this type can be mounted directly on tapered shafts. Mounting on cylindrical shafts using sleeves is also possible. Sheet steel cages and solid brass cages are used.

NSK spherical roller bearings - quality with demonstrable added value

NSK spherical roller bearings prove themselves even under the most demanding operating conditions.

These roller bearings are characterized by their high load carrying capacity limit and dimensional stability. They are able to cope with high radial and medium axial loads and can even withstand vibrations without suffering from wear. They are also extremely resistant to misalignment and shock loads.

The improvements include the high manufacturing accuracy of the bore and outer ring. This includes extremely tight manufacturing tolerances for the radial internal clearance and a super finish on the raceway surfaces.

This, in combination with the specially hardened rolling elements, results in exceptional shock load resistance.

Special features and advantages of our rolling bearings:

  • NSK HPS design - The elimination of a guide ring enables a modified design with improved cage geometry and thus increased cage rigidity.
  • Material technology - The HPS range is manufactured from high purity Z-steel from NSK. We also offer advanced special materials such as Super TF and TL steel.
  • A special surface treatment improves wear resistance.
  • Advanced tribology - thanks to NSK's patented Molded-Oil lubrication system.
  • Our rolling bearings are supplied as standard with lubrication grooves and holes for relubrication in the outer ring. Bearings without lubrication grooves and with relubrication options via the inner ring are optionally available.
  • Sealing technology - You can choose from various sealing materials, depending on the operating temperature of the rolling bearings.
  • Cage materials - Depending on the requirements of your application, cages made of sheet steel, brass or polyamide are available.
  • Modern production technology ensures excellent quality control.
  • The service life of our bearings can be up to twice as long as that of conventional bearings.
  • Other benefits include reduced maintenance costs, better performance and a longer service life in the application, including up to 20% higher limiting speeds.

Our product range includes the NSK HPS series, molded oil bearings, sealed spherical roller bearings, low-noise and low-vibration spherical roller bearings, split ultra-large spherical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings from the CAM series and much more. NSK offers quality and performance that provide measurable added value in every application.

NSK Rolling Bearings Main Catalogue

NSK Rolling Bearing Main Catalog

RHP spherical roller bearing

FUD UltraLife spherical roller bearings - When it has to be good and cheap!

FUD UltraLife spherical roller bearings can withstand both axial and radial loads.

Only high-purity rolling bearing steel is used for our FUD UltraLife spherical roller bearings.

FUD UltraLife spherical roller bearings Advantages:

  • Very high load capacity (radial & axial)
  • Compensation of angular errors (angularly movable)
  • Optionally also available with clamping or extraction sleeve
  • Cylindrical, tapered bore possible
  • all FUD UltraLife spherical roller bearings have a circumferential groove and 3 lubrication holes

Various cage designs:

  • CC = Standard version, 2 window cages, brushless inner ring, centred guide ring
  • CA = one-piece double comb cage made of brass, retaining ribs on inner ring, centred guide ring
  • E = 2 window cages made of sheet steel, brushless inner ring, loose guide ring for large designs and higher load capacities

FUD spherical roller bearing

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