Rolling bearing mounting & shaft alignment

With our comprehensive service package, we take care of the maintenance of your bearings. With the various tools for maintenance and service, we support you in achieving optimum machine performance and flawless operation throughout the entire service life.

The complete maintenance package includes:

NSK rolling bearing assembly
BEGA rolling bearing assembly

NSK rolling bearing assembly

NSK - Rolling bearing assembly, how to do it!

When mounting rolling bearings, the maintenance technician can do many things wrong and thus reduce the service life of the bearing. Cleanliness is just as important here as observing the recommended fit and using professional tools.

Even though bearing mounting is one of the more common activities in many maintenance departments, mistakes still happen here in practice. Up to 20% of all rolling bearing problems are due to faulty mounting, and such a problem can result in entire plants or production lines coming to a standstill.

NSK Laser Alignment System

NSK tools for rolling bearing assembly

BEGA rolling bearing assembly

BEGA - Rolling bearing mounting, how to know!

Bega Special Tools was founded in 1978. Bega is a manufacturer and distributor of special tools for the safe, cost-effective mounting and dismounting of rolling bearings and drive components. The tools are used in production and maintenance departments in MRO and OEM companies.

Rolling bearings can wear out or become damaged quickly. Common causes are: Lack of lubricants, too high temperatures, contamination, too high a load, incorrect mounting. Rolling bearing damage is visually perceptible. One consequence of damage is, for example, vibration. Vibration analysis can be used to measure and analyse which fault has occurred. Quick action is required, as the consequential damage is much higher than the cost of replacing a rolling bearing.

With Bega special tools we want to improve the quality of maintenance and installation of rotating parts in machines so that a longer service life is achieved.

BEGA heating devices

BEGA mounting case

BEGA extractor tools

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