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Special ball bearings for chemical medical technology

Fröhlich & Dörken specialises in special solutions. Here you will always find new reports on how we have solved problems together with our customers. Especially in the rolling bearing-based applications, we have a lot of know-how to fall back on. We design the most diverse hybrid bearings by using different materials. We can design both material and geometry so that your application runs perfectly. We will be happy to advise you on site or in a TEAM meeting. We look forward to your challenge!

  • Application of the customer
    The customer we would like to introduce to you today is active in chemical medical technology. His products are used in laboratories and offer solutions in centrifugal technology. In medical laboratories, substances are centrifuged, which means the sedimentation (separation) of different substances into their individual components. It is very important to our customer's customers to obtain simple, efficient, durable, functionally justified and sophisticated centrifuges.
  • Problem of the customer
    In this application, the following challenges arise:
    Due to centrifuging, there is a risk that the grease from the ball bearings will contaminate the samples. The grease escaping from the ball bearings due to centrifugal force could therefore contaminate the laboratory samples. This must be prevented at all costs. For this reason, the bearings are used without grease in this application. This in turn brings with it the problem that the ball bearings begin to rust. Without lubrication, the service life is also considerably shortened, among other things due to higher heat generation.
  • Solution
    But how can a ball bearing achieve its optimum service life without lubricant? Lubrication with rolling bearing grease is elementary for the service life. The ball bearing essentially consists of six components; inner ring, outer ring, cage, balls, grease and sealing washers. Based on our findings, we have optimised the following components:
  • Solution
    We changed the material of the inner and outer rings to increase corrosion resistance. Stainless steel proved to be a more suitable material for this.
    The geometry of the raceways corresponds to that of a four-point bearing.
    In addition, we turned the ball bearing into a hybrid bearing by using ceramic balls. The only question left was the grease! Here our technical team did a great job. We selected a Peek special cage that solved this problem in an excellent way. The cage is composed of various components, which results in automatic lubrication without contaminating the laboratory samples. The cage now takes over the function of the lubricant.
  • Customer advantage
    The customer was previously only able to solve the problems partially and only through complex assembly activities in his own work. This resulted in high labour costs. Due to the improved corrosion resistance, the service life of the rolling bearings has also increased significantly. In addition, the maintenance intervals of the products are significantly extended. Due to the longer service life of the bearings, our customer not only saves money, but we also save important resources and thus protect the environment.
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