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Industry, craft and automotive

Fröhlich & Dörken offers high-quality products for industry, trade and automotive. Rolling bearings are used in many branches of industry. The majority of our customers are active in the original equipment sector and trust FUD in a wide range of applications. However, we also supply the spare parts market, where deliveries within 24 hours are standard. Therefore, please also use our online shop for rolling bearings & linear technology.

Take a look at our various products at your leisure. These are rolling bearings for industry and automotive, linear guides for a variety of industries. We also manufacture drawing parts and entire mostly rolling bearing-based assemblies. Thread cutting arms and handling systems round off our programme.


Automotive rolling bearings

Are you looking for a reliable partner for the automotive aftermarket? We manufacture various automotive bearings on your behalf and with your logo.
Rolling bearings from FUD

Industry rolling bearings

Are you looking for a rolling bearing supplier for a wide range of requirements in terms of quality and price? We offer you our own brand FUD at an unbeatable price/performance ratio as well as well-known manufacturers such as NSK, SKF, FAG, INA, NTN, IKO and KRW.

Linear technology

Are you looking for a strong partner in the field of linear technology? We cover the complete range with strong contractual partners such as Schneeberger, NSK and PMI!

Drawing parts

Are you looking for a cost-effective but high-quality partner for your drawing parts? Convince yourself of our FUD Customize products. In addition to punching, drilling, injection moulding, assembling, grinding, riveting and galvanising, we offer complete assemblies according to your drawing.

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Our product portfolio

" Find the ideal component - Buy ball bearings at FuD
" What are the characteristics of a ball bearing and how does it work?
" What do our customers look out for in particular when they buy ball bearings from us?
" For which applications are our ball bearings suitable?
" Why do our customers buy ball bearings from FuD?
" You can get these ball bearings manufacturers and brands at FuD
" Can I buy FuD Ultralife ball bearings even if a bearing of another brand is currently installed?
" Special bearings - Ball bearings for your individual application

» Find the ideal component - Buy ball bearings at FuD

FuD Warehouse Logistics

The right ball bearing for all areas

In many applications in mechanical engineering and parts production, components are required that connect fixed and moving elements and components with each other. Whether radial or axial loads, bearings are required wherever rotary movements occur.

Ball bearings in all variants

There are many different types and specifications of bearings. Ball bearing is one of the most common terms in this field. Ball bearing has become a generic term for various types of bearings, such as spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller bearings, track rollers, spindle bearings etc. A ball bearing is a sub-type of the actual generic term rolling bearing.

We briefly present the various solution options for your individual requirements on this page so that you can immediately recognise which bearing type is the right choice for your requirements.

So that you immediately have all the important information for your selection together, you will find information and tips on the questions most frequently asked by our customers directly on this page!

» What characterises a ball bearing and how does it work?


Ball bearing from FUD

Bearings are constructed in such a way that an inner ring and an outer ring are each firmly connected to one of the components to be connected. In order to enable the two components to move with as little resistance as possible, there are moving elements between these two fixed rings that enable the movement.

In a ball bearing, the balls are held by a rolling bearing cage and therefore enable the movement. To reduce friction, there are various lubrication options, such as special rolling bearing greases and rolling bearing oils. The use of roller bearing cages can also be dispensed with in order to increase the load ratings.

The use of a high-quality ball bearing significantly reduces the rotational resistance and thus the wear and heat generation. This increases the efficiency and longevity of a component with a high-quality ball bearing.

» What do our customers pay particular attention to when they buy ball bearings from us?

" Tips

Always ask our technical advisors for the ideal solution for your individual requirements, because it is not always guaranteed that the ball bearing you want to replace already represents the optimum selection.

In addition to standard and universal bearings, e.g. in sizes from 8 mm to 7 metres inside diameter, we offer ball bearings in almost every technically feasible size. We are also very experienced in individual project planning in order to manufacture ball bearings specifically according to your parameters.

In addition to the well-known brand bearings, also check ball bearings from our own brand FUD Ultralife.

When selecting ball bearings, but also other bearing types, it is a matter of factors such as:

  • Dimensions of the attachments
  • the maximum and minimum rotation
  • the load ratings acting statically and dynamically on the ball bearing
  • the axial and/or radial load
  • the environmental conditions, e.g. temperature, dirt, dust, vapours, etc., in which the ball bearing is to operate.

There are many other factors, such as vibrations. We will be happy to advise you!

All these individual factors in the right coordination are selected with the aim of ensuring that the installed ball bearing is suitable for the application and thus achieves the longest possible service life.

Because from our experience with our customers, the longevity of the ball bearings we supply is a particular focus.

» For which applications are our ball bearings suitable?

Industries of our customers


Mechanical Engineering

Machine factories

Conveyor technology

Medical technology

Food industry

Construction machinery



Basically, the requirements under which a ball bearing or another rolling bearing must function are very different. It is therefore difficult to make a general statement about which bearing is best for your application.

Talk to our experienced technical advisors. Together we will find the ideal solution for your application

Experience pays off - buy ball bearings from an experienced expert

Time and again, interested parties ask us whether we have experience with ball bearings or other bearing types in their specific area. You will be reassured to hear our expert advisors report on similar requirements and projects from a wide range of specialist areas. Because in our 70-year history, many well-known manufacturers have already purchased bearings from FUD.

Here you can get a brief overview of the industries and sectors in which we have maintained successful business relationships over many years with companies that buy their ball bearings from FUD again and again.

» Why do our customers buy ball bearings from FuD?

Long service life of the supplied ball bearings

Only by carefully selecting the right ball bearing, taking into account decisive parameters, can we achieve this goal together.

To ensure that we can keep our promise, we audit our suppliers regularly and work together with an independent engineering firm. This is how we guarantee the promised quality of the products we deliver to you.

Through this approach, we not only reduce your procurement costs. We also save you a lot of time and problems in your projects. You directly increase the quality and satisfaction of your customers.

Fast delivery

Many products from our extensive range are ready for you to call off at our central warehouse in Sprockhövel, so that we can deliver your products on time according to your schedule. "just in time", so to speak.

Your security - purchase contracts under German law & product liability insurance

To ensure that our business relationship is built on trust and legal security from the outset, you conclude sales contracts with us in accordance with German law.
We also hold our own product liability insurance for you so that a solution is available even in the most unlikely case.

High level of customisation - we manufacture bearings and components according to your individual needs

In addition to our extensive stock and procurement inventory, we are experienced in individual product creation. From rolling bearings for your machine with special requirements that standard bearings do not fulfil, to components in which linear technology or bearings are installed, we supply you reliably and with the highest precision. Thanks to our lean processes, this service is profitable for you even for small quantities of 500 units.

Immediate advice and follow-up with personal contact

Our expert advisors can be reached quickly so that you have a competent partner to talk to immediately if you have any questions. Without time differences and language barriers, we will find the right solution for you immediately.

Large selection of well-known brand manufacturers

Thanks to numerous certifications and accreditations, we enjoy the trust of the most important manufacturers and, in addition to products from our own high-quality brand FUD-Ultralife, we can offer you proven products from renowned manufacturers.

Transparency - tested quality documented for you

All products in our standard range are of tested quality. A final inspection of your product takes place in our own quality assurance department. There, the product is measured according to German standards. To ensure this, we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.
Together with the goods, you will receive product drawings, measurement reports and material test certificates, among other things, so that no questions remain unanswered. The traceability of the products is also guaranteed.

Experience - Your contact for rolling bearings, drawing parts and linear technology for over 70 years

From the experience of countless typical and highly complex individual projects, we have multi-layered experience that we use for you in every enquiry. This means you can be sure that you are buying a fully thought-out product from us.

We mark your product with your good name.

In this way, you secure your market, increase your profits and raise your own profile.
Do you have product specifications from your end customers? No problem! We supply well-known rolling bearing brands such as NSK, SKF or FAG, INA, etc. from stock.
Convince yourself of our wide range of possibilities.

» You can get these ball bearing manufacturers and brands at FuD


FUD UltraLife

SKF bearing

NSK bearing






We supply all well-known brands, such as NSK, SKF, FAG, INA, etc. Many customers want to use alternatives to well-known brand manufacturers. For the well-known brands and for our own brand, we are a recognised supplier for our customers. We have many product groups in stock at any time in our central warehouse in Sprockhövel, so that a quick delivery is prepared.

» Can I buy FuD Ultralife ball bearings even if a bearing of another brand is currently installed?

DIN EN ISO 9001 - ZDHzert - Certificate EN

Yes, both the ball bearings of large and well-known manufacturers and products of our own brand FUD-Ultralife are manufactured according to DIN and are equipped with a consistent quality. This means that you have at least the same material quality and fitting accuracy with ball bearings from our own brand.

For you, this means that in the course of the consultation process for your enquiry, we can also offer you solutions from our own brand in addition to products from well-known manufacturers.

» Special bearings - Ball bearings for your individual application

FuD Special Camp

Manufacturing according to your requirements

Due to the complexity of the requirements for ball bearings in terms of dimensions, load and many other influencing factors, there are already a large number of standard bearings that we have ready for you.

From small individualisations to changes in materials and dimensions to complete new developments of ball bearings or entire assemblies.

Nevertheless, there are always requests whose requirements are not met by a standard bearing. In these cases, we analyse your needs individually and configure the ideal ball bearing for you. The possibilities start with a small individualisation, such as changing the oil in which the rollers run, to changing the materials and dimensions, to a completely new development of a ball bearing or directly the entire assembly.

Important objectives of such customisation can arise if, for example, the particularly high speeds, load capacities and/or difficult installation/environmental conditions are present.

Just like the individualisation of a bearing itself, we also develop components for your individual requirements in which, for example, ball bearings are part of the assembly.